Catering by the pan (9x13) available same day:



Chicken Poppers: Plain (with 2 sauce on side) or tossed in your choice of 1 sauce$75Crispy Chicken wings (2 sauces on side): $50 Mashed potatoes and gravy: $35Vegan Mac and cheese: $45Mini house corn dogs (25 in a pan): $100 Hand cut fries: $35Yellow rice: $20House onion rings: $40Fried dill pickles: $50Israeli salad: $40Purple cabbage: $35creamy slaw : $35Kishka Bombs with 2 sauces: $70 All Entree salads: $45Falafel: $40Chicken shawarma: $90Grilled Chicken/Crispy chicken/Shnitzel: $80



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